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About Me


Hey! My name is Russell Wong, a professional robotics engineer and M.S. Robotic Systems Development student at Carnegie Mellon University. My background is in Mechatronics Engineering and AI, where I graduated at the top of my class from the University of Waterloo. I'm motivated by complex problems requiring creative solutions, with a strong passion for robotics and machine learning. The future of robotics is bright, and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Currently, I'm seeking full-time employment in robotics and AI, looking to start some time after I've graduated in May 2023. Most recently, I worked at X, the Moonshot Factory (formerly Google X) where I joined the Everyday Robots team. During my time at Everyday Robots, I leveraged reinforcement learning techniques to teach robots new skills helpful to people in their daily lives. Prior to this, I've also had a variety of other work experiences in the robotics industry, including working on self-driving vehicles at Lyft and Gatik AI, software engineering for machine learning applications at Apple, building autonomous landmine-removal robots in Cambodia, and much more. If you have any openings or opportunities, I would love to get in touch!

My Story

Teaching robots new skills to assist in everyday life, powered by reinforcement learning. X logo
Applying machine learning towards research in human-robot interaction. CMU RI Logo
Autonomous modular robots with legged, wheeled, and hybrid mobility. Biorobotics Logo
Built software for motion planning, controls and machine learning of autonomous trucks. Gatik logo
Developed mobile robots for landmine removal in Cambodia. Demine Robotics logo
Software development for behavioural planning of self-driving vehicles. Lyft logo
Assisted development of a robotics platform for the inspection of civil engineering structures. SDIC logo
Developed performance improvements for the Core Machine Learning team. Apple logo
Applied coverage path-planning algorithms for industrial-sized cleaning robots. Avidbots logo
Managed software development of a self-driving car for a 3-year university-level competition. WATonomous logo
Implemented innovative technology to design and build custom interactive machines. wonderMakr logo
Led a university student team in the fabrication of an autonomous robot racecar. UW Robotics Team logo
Co-founded a robotics startup aimed at developing a self-sorting garbage bin. Urbin Solutions logo
Led a high school team in a robotics sports competition. FIRST Robotics logo


In the near future I'll be sharing more blog posts describing the design and build process behind some of my robotics and engineering projects. Most of these blog posts will be extensions of the project videos I post on my YouTube channel; I encourage you to check it out!


I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD) degree at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The MRSD program is an advanced robotics degree with an emphasis on building technical skills as well as business skills. CMU's Robotics Institute is a world leader in the development of cutting-edge technologies, and I'm very excited to be studying here and making connections with many like-minded individuals passionate about the future of robotics.

I did my Bachelor's at the University of Waterloo, where I graduated from the Mechatronics Engineering program with an Option in Artificial Intelligence. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field, combining mechanical, electrical, software and control systems engineering with an emphasis on robotics and machine automation. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the program and remained dedicated to my studies, having graduated at the top of my class and earning the Sandford Fleming Foundation Award for Academic Excellence. In addition to traditional learning, the program provided a breadth of co-op opportunities which enabled me to develop strong industry experience in pursuit of my robotics and software engineering goals.

I am currently seeking full-time opportunities, with an ideal start date after May 2023 once I graduate from my Master's program at CMU. If you have any openings in the areas of robotics, reinforcement learning/machine learning, and AI, I would love to get in touch!

Let's Get In Touch!

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